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Top 3 Funds That Beat Their Benchmarks The Most Over A Decade

The top 3 mutual funds in my just-completed analysis are not the cheapest. Nevertheless, these funds delivered higher returns after all fees than index funds tied to the same benchmarks for the last 10 years.

The Greatest Mutual Fund Managers With Bear Market Experience

This bull market has lasted so long that an awful lot of mutual fund managers have never seen a bear market. To prepare for the next downturn here are the greatest fund managers with bear market experience.

2 More Of The Greatest Investors Who Don't Manage A Mutual Fund

Here are two more great fund managers that you have never heard of who work outside of the mutual fund industry.

Investing Your 401(k) With The Greatest Mutual Fund Managers

Many readers have asked why their 401k plan won't let the invest in any funds on my list of the Greatest Mutual Fund Managers. There is a good explanation which you are not going to like, but in many cases, there is a solution.