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Fear Inducing Headlines Cost Readers Money Last Week

I hope readers who would not buy stocks last month did not miss last week's incredible rally, We can’t let fear about what the market will do stop us from buying great stocks when they are on sale.

Stocks To Buy In A Weak Market

Wayne Himelsein, one of my managers, has been buying Eli Lilly and Keysight Technology which have weathered this downturn well. Today, he explains why he's buying the CME Group.

Trump's China Trade Drama Makes Keysight A Buy

While most of today’s mutual fund managers have never seen a bear market, much less a crash, Wayne Himelsein has been through two crashes and many 10% pullbacks during the 18+ years I’ve been tracking as he more than doubled the S&P 500’s return. Wayne is buying Keysight Technologies.

Top Money Manager Recommends Eli Lilly On Recent Market Dip

After the market dip, we've had the past two weeks, Eli Lilly (LLY) is the stock Wayne Himelsein, says to buy. This weekend, Wayne explains his Lilly recommendation and answers a reader's question at the same time.