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Why Bob 'Tesla Is Headed For The Graveyard' Lutz Is Wrong

Former GM Vice Chairman, Bob Lutz, said that "Tesla is headed for the graveyard." One of the biggest mistakes investors can make is to ignore those with whom they disagree. With that in mind, let's examine Bob Lutz's arguments.

A Top Manager's Take On The News Driving Tesla

Tesla recently plummeted as news of the company’s production shortfall shook the market’s faith in Elon Musk’s promise to ramp up production. Additional news from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Volvo have investors rethinking their faith in Tesla.

Goldman Says To Sell Tesla, Gorden Lam Will Be Buying On The Pullbacks

Last week Tesla made a new high surpassing its previous 52 week high of $280. Today, it is trading off nearly 5% after Goldman Sachs downgraded it to a sell. Gorden Lam says he is buying on the pullbacks

The Catalyst For Tesla Is Production

Tesla makes sexy cars, but cannot produce enough of them to make money. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, recently promised to increase production capacity ten-fold by the end of 2018. Gorden Lam says that achieving this goal is the catalyst that will resolve the key uncertainty holding back the stock.