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Buy Facebook And AMD When They Are Cheap

It's times like this when stocks are cheapest because the fear has taken the optimism out of prices. Investors who overcome their fears can make their best buys at these times. Facebook and AMD are two stocks my best managers have made their single largest positions.

AMD Ready To Run Again As Zombieload Attacks Intel

AMD ran up 69% last year. History may be repeating itself as Intel CPUs have recently been revealed to be vulnerable to a new attack called Zombieload, that does not appear to affect AMD CPUs.

What Stocks Are You Prepared To Buy On The Next Big Down Day

On big down days, I want to know what Tony Mitchell and Robert Frazier are doing. They have both delivered great returns through bull and bear markets. When everyone is scared, these are the guys I want in in my corner.

After Tesla's Call, Top Manager Doubles Down On Ford

After Tesla's earnings call, Tony Mitchell, one of my managers, doubled his position in Ford